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This is a list of current LGB items available from our supplier. We don't keep most items in stock, but as long as they listed on the list below as in stock we should be able to get in just a few days. To order please just click the item you're interested in. Please note Out of Stock items listed are not clickable as they are not available at this time.   List updated on: 27/02/2019

This list was last updated over 23 days ago, please note it was only accurate on the day it was produced, please check with us for availability before placing an order

78 parts listed.

Part noDescriptionPriceStock Levels
E125992lantern lens packet 10 £15.55Out of Stock
E126050elec motor short shaft was l62201 £53.30Due 20/01/2019
E12605916pcs coupler spring was l64409 £11.66Due 28/02/2019
E12617420 x traction tyrs 375mm was l69104 £30.15Critical Stock
E129401stainz fr short wheels axle + gear £19.42Critical Stock
E129460stainz r long wheels axle + gear £19.42Critical Stock
E129994elec motor long shaft was l62204 £53.30Critical Stock
E13002310xclear 5v plug in bulb was l68511 £21.37Low Stock
E13010110xred sv plugin bulbs was l68512 £27.20Critical Stock
E13011010x 24v plugin bulbs was l68513 £16.52Critical Stock
E13011610xyellow bulb in holder was l68502 £49.54Low Stock
E130121yellow screw bulb x 10 was l68501 £21.17Critical Stock
E1305472pc hook spring pin was l64402 £7.20Low Stock
E13121910 x red 24v plugin bulbs w l68514 £16.38Low Stock
E13136820 x traction tyrs 465mm was l69184 £30.13Low Stock
E131836lantern bezels packet 10 £27.97Critical Stock
E132024wheel set with gears from l66095 £25.92Low Stock
E132062cleaner drive motor for l21670 £53.30Critical Stock
E133129loco puffers oval was l66227 £4.90Critical Stock
E137859wheel set with tyres from l66095 £25.92Low Stock
E162295speaker for use with sound decoder £19.42Out of Stock
E162570rhb buffers x 10 was l66240 £10.51Low Stock
E171561wagon buffers 1 set was l66300 £4.09Low Stock
E178284large box driving wheels for 78 set £24.30Out of Stock
E178288small drive wheel for set stainz £24.30Critical Stock
E188198motor for l20750 £50.53Good Stock
E190217pantograph £32.36Out of Stock
E236355traction tyre £5.35Low Stock
E240623decoder for l20220 allegra w. sound £97.11Out of Stock
E2446532 x e10 replacement gear boxes £57.29Out of Stock
L62007mogul idler gear set £13.70Low Stock
L63120brushes assembled 14 & 16mm 8 piece £14.58Low Stock
L63193electrical contact set 2 pieces £8.68Critical Stock
L63210pick-up shoes 2 pieces £8.68Low Stock
L63214pick-up shoes 2 pieces £8.68Due 28/02/2019
L63218pick-up shoes 2 pieces £8.68Good Stock
L63403scissor pantograph silver £45.65Critical Stock
L64107loco coupler set £7.25Good Stock
L64193knuckle coupler 2 piece £13.70Critical Stock
L64407standard coupler set £7.25Good Stock
L64462rack coupler hook 8 pieces £13.66Good Stock
L64707standard coupler set £7.25Good Stock
L64777link & pin couplers 3 sets £27.36Critical Stock
L65000european steam sound unit £182.59Critical Stock
L65001american steam sound unit £182.59Critical Stock
L65002european diesel sound unit £182.59Critical Stock
L65003american diesel sound unit £182.59Critical Stock
L65004european electric loco sound unit £182.59Critical Stock
L65006diesel sound kit (for 2x52x) £195.03Critical Stock
L65011sound unit power storage £77.56Low Stock
L65012mogul sound unit function trigger £19.13Low Stock
L65103straight smoke stack kit 18 volt £30.11Critical Stock
L65154diamond smoke stack kit 18 volt £30.11Critical Stock
L65203funnel smoke stack 18 volt £30.11Low Stock
L65553smoke generator 24 volt £30.11Low Stock
L65803smoke generator 18 volt £30.11Critical Stock
L65853smoke generator 5 volt £30.11Critical Stock
L67005track cleaning pads £5.47Low Stock
L67267track cleaning wheels £23.71Low Stock
L6730030610 series trucks 2 pieces £18.25Critical Stock
L67301spoke wheels set plastic 2 pieces £7.25Critical Stock
L67302single axle trucks 2 pieces £11.86Critical Stock
L67303pr double spoke plastic wheels £7.09Critical Stock
L67319spoke wheel sets metal 2 pieces £22.79Good Stock
L67320double spoke wheel sets (2 pieces) £22.79Due 20/01/2019
L67343frr wheel sets metal 2 pieces £22.79Due 28/02/2019
L67370db trucks 2 pieces £18.25Critical Stock
L67380us passenger trucks 2 pieces £18.25Low Stock
L67401solid wheel sets plastic 2 pieces £7.25Critical Stock
L67402archbar freight trucks 2 pieces £19.17Low Stock
L67403ball bearing wheel sets 2 pieces £41.08Due 28/02/2019
L67419solid wheel set metal 2 pieces £22.79Due 28/02/2019
L67900conversion kit for wheel set £116.95Out of Stock
L68331european marker lantern £17.21Critical Stock
L68332american marker lantern 2 pieces £27.02Critical Stock
L68333interior lighting set flat connect £16.63Critical Stock
L685021xyellow 18v bulb now e130116 £4.61Out of Stock
L69575tender with sound - analogue £362.97Out of Stock

Latest LGB Spares

Brushes - 2 x 16mm (63120) £3.99 Added to website on 06/12/2010
LGB Spares - Electrical - Brushes - 2 x 16mm (63120)  £3.99

Brushes - 2 x 14mm (63120) £3.99 Added to website on 06/12/2010
LGB Spares - Electrical - Brushes - 2 x 14mm (63120)  £3.99

Brushes - 4 x 14mm (63120) £7.49 Added to website on 06/12/2010
LGB Spares - Electrical - Brushes - 4 x 14mm (63120)  £7.49

Brushes - 4 x 14mm - 4 x 16mm (63120) £12.56 Added to website on 06/12/2010
LGB Spares - Electrical - Brushes - 4 x 14mm - 4 x 16mm (63120)  £12.56

Brushes - 4 x 16mm (63120) £7.49 Added to website on 06/12/2010
LGB Spares - Electrical - Brushes - 4 x 16mm (63120)  £7.49

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