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Electrotren Spares - Buffers 
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Electrotren Spares - Drive Shafts 
Electrotren Spares - Drive Units 
Electrotren Spares - Electrical 
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Jouef Spares - Body Shells 
Jouef Spares - Bogie Assemblies 
Jouef Spares - Buffers 
Jouef Spares - Chassis 
Jouef Spares - Coupling Rods / Valve Gear 
Jouef Spares - Couplings 
Jouef Spares - Drive Shafts 
Jouef Spares - Drive Units 
Jouef Spares - Electrical 
Jouef Spares - Motors And Gears 
Jouef Spares - Pantographs 
Jouef Spares - Suppliers list 
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Jouef Spares - Wheel Sets 
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Jouef Wagons Junior 
Lima Accessories 
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Lima Coaches Junior 
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Lima Electrical Locomotives Junior 
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Lima Spares - Bogie Assemblies 
Lima Spares - Buffers 
Lima Spares - Chassis 
Lima Spares - Coupling Rods / Valve Gear 
Lima Spares - Couplings 
Lima Spares - Decals 
Lima Spares - Drive Shafts 
Lima Spares - Drive Units 
Lima Spares - Electrical 
Lima Spares - Motors And Gears 
Lima Spares - Pantographs 
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Lima Spares - Wheel Sets 
Lima Steam Locomotives 
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Rivarossi Accessories 
Rivarossi Buildings 
Rivarossi Coaches 
Rivarossi Diesel Locomotives 
Rivarossi Electric Locomotives 
Rivarossi Spares - Assembly Packs 
Rivarossi Spares - Bogie Assemblies 
Rivarossi Spares - Buffers 
Rivarossi Spares - Chassis 
Rivarossi Spares - Coupling Rods And Valve Gear 
Rivarossi Spares - Couplings 
Rivarossi Spares - Drive Shafts 
Rivarossi Spares - Drive Units 
Rivarossi Spares - Electrical 
Rivarossi Spares - Motor And Gears 
Rivarossi Spares - Other 
Rivarossi Spares - Pantographs 
Rivarossi Spares - Suppliers list 
Rivarossi Spares - Tyres 
Rivarossi Spares - Wheel Sets 
Rivarossi Steam Locomotives 
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Welcome to Lendons Model Shop

All 38277 products listed on this site are BRAND NEW !

Tel :- 02‍9 20‍75 2‍563

192 - 194 Fidlas Road, Llanishen, Cardiff. CF14 5LZ

Opening Times Monday - Saturday 9.00am to 5.00pm


IMPORTANT NOTE - We are a small family run business, we cannot offer next day delivery on sales. We parcel all sales once the store is closed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays then parcels are then arranged for postage/courier the next morning (Saturday and Sunday Excluded). Once posted,on average, UK customers will receive their item/s within 2 - 7 working days dependant on postal services used.

Many of the items in the shop have a low postage rate, you can easily spot these items by the low postage rates logo next to the item, If you see this logo then these items will be charged at the low postage rate of £2.00 for items up to £25.00. Once the low postage rate items reach £25.00 the postage costs rises to the standard postage rate due to us having to send via a dearer postage bracket to make sure the cost of the items are insured for the value of purchase.

Our standard postage charge is £5.00. Once the postage price reaches this rate, it doesn't matter how much you purchase, your postal cost will not exceed £5.00 (unless you purchase a rare excluded item**) You may want to purchase a low postage rate item and a standard postage item, for this you will be charged standard postage on the total basket of £5.00**. Where postage is charged, we use the current postage cost using the weight of the item and the tariff of the company used to send the goods.

Goods up to £25.00 are sent by Royal Mail 1st Class (Large Letter or Small Parcel). Goods from £25.00 to £150.00 are sent either Royal Mail Recorded Delivery (Large Letter or Small Parcel) or Courier depending on the goods purchased. Items over £150.00 will only be sent by Courier.

** Exclusions - One or two items (such as Sundeala Boards) are oversized will be sent via Courier at a increased postage charge, the postage rate will be shown before you pay.


If you would like to purchase though our website, please contact us first via email ( letting us know what you would like to purchase, and we can give you a shipping rate for the items your interested in, we can then send you instructions to finalise your order.

Doing it this way allows you to have the option to complete the order or cancel it, before payment is made, as shipping costs can vary quite a bit from Country to Country and due to size and weight.

Contacting us prior to ordering also allows us to let you know whether an item is in stock or not before taking payment. Payment for International orders is not automated for this reason.

We now only accept payments via the PayPal gateway, you can pay through your PayPal account or just as a guest using your Debit/Credit card without having an account.

Please DO NOT follow through with the basket and tick the box confirming you live in the UK as this PAYPAL payment will be refunded (minus the 20p that PAYPAL charges us for every refund that we do). Our website does not give you a postage and package price for International shipping, so you have to contact us to arrange this price.

We offer VAT removal on goods we export outside the EU.


Latest Additions

Gear Set (HR2734/14) £1.48 Added to website on 02/12/2019 15:21:45
Rivarossi Spares - Motor And Gears - Gear Set (HR2734/14)  £1.48

Pullman 3 Unit Set 5 BEL Brighton Belle Coach 3ª Class "Mona" And "Gwen" Period VI (HN3502) £106.99 Added to website on 28/11/2019 15:50:37
Arnold Coaches - Pullman 3 Unit Set 5 BEL Brighton Belle Coach 3ª Class "Mona" And "Gwen" Period VI (HN3502) RRP £119.00 our price £106.99

Drive Shaft - Approximately 40mm Long (HR2056/9) £2.80 Added to website on 25/11/2019 13:28:43
Rivarossi Spares - Drive Shafts - Drive Shaft - Approximately 40mm Long (HR2056/9)  £2.80

Pullman Set Of 2 Coaches 5-BEL "Brighton Belle" Coach & Railcar (HN3006) £179.99 Added to website on 23/11/2019 14:16:09
Arnold Diesel Locomotives - Pullman Set Of 2 Coaches 5-BEL "Brighton Belle" Coach & Railcar (HN3006) RRP £199.99 our price £179.99

Front Drive Unit (HR2637/10) £3.70 Added to website on 23/11/2019 13:55:47
Rivarossi Spares - Drive Units - Front Drive Unit (HR2637/10)  £3.70

Rear Drive Unit (HR2637/11) £3.70 Added to website on 23/11/2019 13:54:14
Rivarossi Spares - Drive Units - Rear Drive Unit (HR2637/11)  £3.70

Driving Wheels With Rubber Tyres (HR2211/15) £1.49 Added to website on 23/11/2019 11:19:44
Rivarossi Spares - Wheel Sets - Driving Wheels With Rubber Tyres (HR2211/15)  £1.49

Motor With Worm Gears (HR2128/8) £44.44 Added to website on 23/11/2019 10:43:04
Rivarossi Spares - Motor And Gears - Motor With Worm Gears (HR2128/8)  £44.44

Pantographs Pack (HJ2286/01) £5.68 Added to website on 22/11/2019 16:15:13
Jouef Spares - Pantographs - Pantographs Pack (HJ2286/01)  £5.68

Bogie Holders (HN2102/07) £0.99 Added to website on 12/11/2019 14:04:09
Arnold Spares - Bogie Assemblies - Bogie Holders (HN2102/07)  £0.99

Drive Shaft - Approximately 16mm Long (HR2357/07) £1.55 Added to website on 12/11/2019 13:26:40
Rivarossi Spares - Drive Shafts - Drive Shaft - Approximately 16mm Long (HR2357/07)  £1.55

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