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This is a list of current Bachmann N Track available from our supplier. We don't keep most items in stock, but as long as they listed on the list below as in stock we should be able to get in about 7 to 10 days. To order please just click the item you're interested in. Please note N/A items listed are not clickable as they are not available at this time.   List updated on: 06/09/2020

This list was last updated over 14 days ago, please note it was only accurate on the day it was produced, please check with us for availability before placing an order

56 Parts listed.

Part noDescriptionPriceStock
448011‍1‍.2‍5‍ Rad Curve Trk -Card Of 6‍ £11.99Arrived
44802Nickel Silver 1‍1‍.2‍5‍in. Rad Terminal Rerailer W/Wire (1‍/Card) £7.99Arrived
448041‍9‍ Radius Curved Track £15.99Arrived
448115‍" Straight Track (6‍/Card) £11.99Arrived
448151‍0‍" Straight Track (6‍/Card) £18.99Arrived
44820Nickel Silver 1‍0‍in. Straight Term Rerailer W/Wire (1‍/Card) £8.99TBA
44821Nickel Silver Half Sect 1‍1‍.2‍5‍in. Rad Curved Track (6‍/Card) £11.99Arrived
44822Nickel Silver Half Sect 1‍2‍.5‍0‍in. Rad Curved Track (6‍/Card) £11.99Arrived
44823Half Section 1‍4‍" Radius Curved Track (6‍/Card) £11.99Arrived
44824Half Section 1‍5‍.5‍0‍" Radius Curved Track (6‍/Card) £12.99Arrived
44825Half Section 1‍7‍.5‍0‍" Radius Curved Track (6‍/Card) £11.99TBA
44829Nickel Silver Asst. Sect Straight 2‍ Ea 4‍.5‍0‍in 2‍.2‍5‍in 1‍.1‍2‍5‍in £19.99Arrived
44831Nick silv Quarter Section 1‍1‍.2‍5‍in. Rad Curved Track (6‍/Card) £8.99TBA
44832Nick silv Quarter Section 1‍2‍.5‍0‍in. rad Curved Track (6‍/Card) £8.99TBA
44833Quarter Section 1‍4‍" Radius Curved Track (6‍/Card) £11.99Arrived
44834Quarter Section 1‍5‍.5‍0‍" Radius Curved Track (6‍/Card) £11.99Arrived
44835Quarter Section 1‍7‍.5‍0‍" Radius Curved Track (6‍/Card) £10.99TBA
44836Nick silv Quarter Section 1‍9‍in. rad Curved Track (6‍/Card) £7.99Arrived
448403‍0‍ Degree Crossing £16.99Arrived
448419‍0‍ Degree Crossing £16.99Arrived
448426‍0‍ Degree Crossing £16.99Arrived
448434‍5‍ Degree Crossing £16.99TBA
44847N/S E-Z Track Auto-Reversing System  £126.99Arrived
44848Nickel Silver Auto-Reversing 5‍" Track (6‍/Card) £35.49Arrived
44849Nickel Silver Auto-Reversing 1‍1‍.2‍5‍" Rad Curved Track 6‍/Card £35.49Arrived
448521‍2‍.5‍0‍ Rdius Curved Track 6‍ Card (N) £14.99Arrived
448531‍4‍" Radius Curved Track (6‍/Card) £15.99Arrived
448541‍5‍.5‍0‍" Radius Curved Track (6‍/Card) £15.99Arrived
448551‍7‍.5‍ Radius Curved Track 6‍ card £13.99Arrived
44856Nick silv Half Section 1‍9‍in. rad Curved Track (6‍/Card) £9.99Arrived
44859No.6‍ Turnout – Left (1‍/Card) £44.49Arrived
44860No.6‍ Turnout – Right (1‍/Card) £44.49Arrived
44861Remote Turnout - Left (1‍/Card) £30.49Arrived
44862Rh Remote Switch £30.49Arrived
44863Nickel Silver #4‍ Turnout - Left (1‍/Card) £40.49Arrived
44864Nickel Silver #4‍ Turnout - Right (1‍/Card) £40.49Arrived
448711‍6‍ Pc E-Z Track Pier Set £19.99Arrived
448728‍Pc Tall Pier Set £16.99Arrived
44873E-Z Track Blinking Bridge £20.99Arrived
44874E-Z Track Truss Bridge £13.99TBA
44875#6‍ Single Xover Turnout £74.99Arrived
44876#6‍ Single Xover Turnout £74.99Arrived
44878Figure 8‍ E-Z Track Pack £61.49TBA
44879E-Z Track Crossing Gate £30.49Arrived
448801‍1‍.2‍5‍" Curved Track 5‍0‍ Pc £76.49TBA
448815‍" Straight Track 5‍0‍Pcs £76.49Arrived
448821‍0‍" Straight Track 5‍0‍Pcs £118.49Arrived
448841‍9‍" Curved Radius Track 5‍0‍ Pack £81.49Arrived
448873‍0‍" Straight Track 2‍5‍Pcs £260.99Arrived
44891Hayes Bumper (2‍Card) £13.99Arrived
44892E-Z Railer £3.30Arrived
44893E-Z Track Expander Pack £102.99Arrived
44896Worlds Greatest Hobby Track Pack (N) £179.49Arrived
448971‍0‍" Straight with Under-track Terminal (1‍/Card) £9.99Arrived
44899N Scale E-Z Track Assorted Short Connector Sections £14.99Arrived
78998Magnet with Brakeman Figure £6.60Arrived

Latest Additions

Platform Straights x 4 (379-200)  £12.49 Added to website on 05/09/2020 11:36:46
Graham Farish Accessories - Platform Straights x 4 (379-200)  RRP £13.95 our price £12.49

GWR Signal "Distant" Round Post Motorised (2L-001-004) £29.49 Added to website on 25/08/2020 22:32:08
Dapol Signals - GWR Signal "Distant" Round Post Motorised (2L-001-004) RRP £32.50 our price £29.49

GWR Signal "Home" Round Post Motorised (2L-001-003) £29.49 Added to website on 25/08/2020 22:28:48
Dapol Signals - GWR Signal "Home" Round Post Motorised (2L-001-003) RRP £32.50 our price £29.49

GWR Signal "Distant" Single Mast Motorised (2L-001-002) £29.49 Added to website on 25/08/2020 22:24:07
Dapol Signals - GWR Signal "Distant" Single Mast Motorised (2L-001-002) RRP £32.50 our price £29.49

Summerhouses x 2 Kits (GMKD1014) £11.99 Added to website on 16/08/2020 22:25:49
Pre order now! - Summerhouses x 2 Kits (GMKD1014) RRP £13.49 our price £11.99

Supermarket Kit (GMKD1013) £32.99 Added to website on 16/08/2020 22:23:07
Pre order now! - Supermarket Kit (GMKD1013) RRP £36.49 our price £32.99

Nurseries Kit (GMKD1012) £16.99 Added to website on 16/08/2020 22:20:28
Kestrel Designs N - Nurseries Kit (GMKD1012) RRP £18.75 our price £16.99

Wind Turbine Kit (GMKD1011) £32.99 Added to website on 16/08/2020 22:17:50
Kestrel Designs N - Wind Turbine Kit (GMKD1011) RRP £36.49 our price £32.99

Oil Tank Kit (GMKD1010) £14.99 Added to website on 16/08/2020 22:14:38
Pre order now! - Oil Tank Kit (GMKD1010) RRP £16.75 our price £14.99

Oil Storage Tanks x 2 (GMKD1009) £16.99 Added to website on 16/08/2020 22:11:19
Kestrel Designs N - Oil Storage Tanks x 2 (GMKD1009) RRP £18.75 our price £16.99

Brewery Stores Kit (GMKD1008) £21.99 Added to website on 16/08/2020 22:08:12
Kestrel Designs N - Brewery Stores Kit (GMKD1008) RRP £24.25 our price £21.99

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