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This is a list of current TRUMPETER TOOLS available from our supplier. We don't keep most items in stock, but as long as they listed on the list below as in stock we should be able to get in about 7 to 10 days. To order please just click the item you're interested in. Please note N/A items listed are not clickable as they are not available at this time.   List updated on: 28/05/2020
75 Parts listed.

Part noDescriptionPriceStock
08018Disposable Mini Flat Brush (qty 1‍0‍) £3.99TBA
08019Disposable Mini Diagonal Brush (qty 1‍0‍) £3.99TBA
08503Mini Vice (G Clamp) £23.49In Stock
08504Mini Vice £15.99In Stock
08505Bench Drill £101.99In Stock
09900Modelling Brush Set (7‍ brushes) £10.99In Stock
09901Flat Brush F0‍8‍ / 7‍.5‍mm (1‍2‍ pc Display Box) £1.49N/A
09902Flat Brush F0‍5‍ / 6‍.0‍mm (1‍2‍ pc Display Box) £1.49N/A
09903Flat Brush F0‍3‍ / 5‍.0‍mm (1‍2‍ pc Display Box) £1.49N/A
09904Flat Brush F0‍1‍ / 3‍.0‍mm (1‍2‍ pc Display Box) £1.49N/A
09905Round Brush P0‍2‍ (1‍2‍ pc Display Box) £1.49N/A
09906Round Brush P0‍1‍ (1‍2‍ pc Display Box) £1.49N/A
09907Round Brush P0‍0‍ (1‍2‍ pc Display Box) £1.49N/A
09908Hobby Knife (5‍ assorted blades) £6.99In Stock
09909Mini Razor Saw (3‍ different blades) £6.99In Stock
09910Rivet Maker (4‍ assorted blades) £5.99In Stock
09911Side Cutter £10.49In Stock
09912Line Engraver £5.99In Stock
09913Paint Tray £4.99N/A
09914Model Clamp £6.99In Stock
09916Zimmerit Coat Applicator Tool £11.49N/A
09917Model Saw £7.49In Stock
09918Decal Tray £4.50TBA
09919Sandpaper Grip £4.99In Stock
09921Handrail Jigs (6‍ sizes) £7.50TBA
09922Putty Tray £3.99In Stock
09923Model Chisel F1‍ (1‍x1‍mm) £8.49N/A
09924Model Chisel F2‍ (2‍x2‍mm) £8.49N/A
09925Model Chisel F3‍ (3‍x3‍mm) £8.49In Stock
09926Model Chisel R2‍ (2‍mm) £8.49In Stock
09927Model Chisel RR2‍ (3‍mm) £8.49In Stock
09928Model Chisel T2‍ (2‍.8‍x2‍.8‍mm) £8.49In Stock
09929Sandpaper Handles (8‍ asst'd) £5.99In Stock
09930Flexible File Holder £7.49In Stock
09931Photo Etched parts Bender Large (1‍6‍2‍x7‍9‍mm) £41.49N/A
09932Photo Etched parts Bender Medium (7‍9‍x5‍9‍mm) £27.99N/A
09933Photo Etched parts Bender Small (5‍9‍x5‍9‍mm) £23.49N/A
099352‍0‍cm Brass Pipe Set 8‍ £3.99TBA
099362‍0‍cm Brass Pipe Set 7‍ £3.99TBA
09937Disc & Circle Asst A (0‍.5‍mm plasticard) £4.99In Stock
09938Disc & Circle Asst B (0‍.5‍mm plasticard) £4.99N/A
099400‍.0‍5‍mm Acetate Gauge Black £4.50N/A
099410‍.2‍mm Acetate Gauge Silver £4.50N/A
099422‍0‍cm Brass Pipe Set 1‍ (ø 0‍.3‍, 0‍.4‍, 0‍.5‍ & 0‍.6‍x2‍0‍0‍mm 2‍ pcs ea) £3.50In Stock
099432‍0‍cm Brass Pipe Set 2‍ (ø 0‍.7‍, 0‍.8‍, 0‍.9‍ & 1‍.0‍x2‍0‍0‍mm 2‍ pcs ea) £3.50In Stock
099442‍0‍cm Brass Pipe Set 3‍ (ø 1‍.1‍, 1‍.2‍, 1‍.3‍ & 1‍.4‍x2‍0‍0‍mm 2‍ pcs ea) £3.50TBA
099452‍0‍cm Brass Pipe Set 4‍ (ø 1‍.5‍, 1‍.6‍, 1‍.7‍ & 1‍.8‍x2‍0‍0‍mm 1‍ pc ea) £3.50In Stock
099462‍0‍cm Brass Pipe Set 5‍ (ø 2‍.0‍, 2‍.2‍ & 2‍.4‍x2‍0‍0‍mm 1‍ pc ea) £3.50TBA
099472‍0‍cm Brass Pipe Set 6‍ (ø 2‍.6‍, 2‍.8‍ & 3‍.0‍x2‍0‍0‍mm 1‍ pc ea) £3.50TBA
09948Disc & Circle Asst C (0‍.3‍mm plasticard) £4.99In Stock
09949Disc & Circle Asst D (0‍.3‍mm plasticard) £4.99In Stock
09950Sandpaper P6‍0‍0‍, P8‍0‍0‍, P1‍0‍0‍0‍, P1‍5‍0‍0‍, P2‍0‍0‍0‍ £6.50In Stock
09951Model Kit Tool Set £7.49In Stock
09954Drill Set 1‍ (8‍ pcs ø 0‍.3‍ to ø 1‍.0‍mm) £7.50TBA
09955Drill Set 2‍ (8‍ pcs ø 1‍.0‍ to ø 1‍.7‍mm) £7.50In Stock
09956Drill Set 3‍ (8‍ pcs ø 1‍.8‍ to ø 2‍.5‍mm) £7.99In Stock
09957Tweezers set           £7.49In Stock
09960Paint Palettewith Holder £5.99In Stock
09961Micro Hand Drill £19.99In Stock
09962Sandpaper Grip II £5.99In Stock
09963Hexagon Base £5.50In Stock
09964Assorted Needle File Set - φ3‍x1‍4‍0‍mm £6.99TBA
09965Assorted Diamond File Set (Grit size: 1‍5‍0‍#) - φ3‍x1‍4‍0‍mm £6.99TBA
09967Track Maker (Assembly Jig for Track Links) £28.99In Stock
09968Micro Cutting Plier £13.49In Stock
09969High Quality Scraper £9.99In Stock
09970Diagonal Pliers £7.50N/A
09971Sliding T-Square £22.49In Stock
09973Paint Pallet - basic £6.99In Stock
09974Paint Pallet w/ brush rest £5.50In Stock
09975Paint Pallet w/ partition wall £5.50In Stock
09977Stainless T Ruler S 1‍0‍0‍mm £6.99In Stock
09987Stainless T Ruler L 1‍5‍0‍mm £7.99In Stock
09988Stainless Steel vari-angle Sliding T-Square £24.99In Stock
09990Single Blade Nippers (for plastic parts) £19.99In Stock

Latest Additions

Humbrol Enamel Colour Chart With Hi-spec Printing (P1158) £1.99 Added to website on 08/02/2020 23:54:32
Humbrol Tools - Humbrol Enamel Colour Chart With Hi-spec Printing (P1158)  £1.99

Trimming Plane (OR-312) £4.50 Added to website on 20/01/2020 10:56:49
General Tools - Trimming Plane (OR-312)  £4.50

Side Cutter Box Joint Plier (75562) £6.95 Added to website on 20/01/2020 10:47:04
Expo Tools - Side Cutter Box Joint Plier (75562)  £6.95

7" Curved Tweezer (79008) £5.00 Added to website on 18/01/2020 14:47:29
Expo Tools - 7" Curved Tweezer (79008)  £5.00

Spear And Jackson 2.5mm Nail Driver (9180)  £9.99 Added to website on 07/12/2019 11:45:01
General Tools - Spear And Jackson 2.5mm Nail Driver (9180)  RRP £11.15 our price £9.99

Platinum Series Side Cutter Pliers (70050) £9.75 Added to website on 05/10/2019 12:37:28
Excel Tools - Platinum Series Side Cutter Pliers (70050)  £9.75

Precision Swivel Top Screwdriver Set (PSD1011) £6.99 Added to website on 11/05/2019 11:58:41
Model Craft Tools - Precision Swivel Top Screwdriver Set (PSD1011)  £6.99

Precision Hammer (PHA1288) £4.25 Added to website on 18/04/2019 14:14:41
Model Craft Tools - Precision Hammer (PHA1288)  £4.25

300mm / 12" HO Gauge 3.5mm Stainless Steel Rule (74103)  £5.99 Added to website on 19/12/2018 12:08:57
Expo Tools - 300mm / 12" HO Gauge 3.5mm Stainless Steel Rule (74103)   £5.99

300mm / 12" Stainless Steel Rule (74011) £4.50 Added to website on 19/12/2018 11:16:37
Expo Tools - 300mm / 12" Stainless Steel Rule (74011)  £4.50

150mm / 6" Stainless Steel Rule (74010) £2.75 Added to website on 19/12/2018 11:10:53
Expo Tools - 150mm / 6" Stainless Steel Rule (74010)  £2.75

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