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Bachmann Scenecraft Buildings 
Bachmann Scenecraft Figures 
Bassett-Lowke Steam Locos 
Dapol Signals 
Gaugemaster Scenic Materials 
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Peco O Gauge Wagon Kits 
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Peco Streamline O Gauge BH Track 
Peco Streamline O Gauge FB Track 
Pegasus Railway - Suppliers list 
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Welcome to Lendons Model Shop

All 42971 products listed on this site are BRAND NEW !

Tel :- 02‍9 20‍75 2‍563

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Monday - Saturday 9.00am to 5.00pm


IMPORTANT NOTE - We are a small family run business, we cannot offer next day delivery on sales. We parcel all sales as soon as possible and postal runs are done on Tuesdays and Fridays if going by Royal Mail. Parcels going by courier once packed are collected the next morning (Sundays Excluded). Once posted, on average, UK customers will receive their item/s within 2 - 7 working days dependant on postal services used and how busy we are.

Many of the items in the shop have a low postage rate, you can easily spot these items by the low postage rates logo next to the item, If you see this logo then these items will be charged at the low postage rate of £2.00 for items up to £25.00. Once the low postage rate items reach £25.00 the postage costs rises to the standard postage rate due to us having to send via a dearer postage bracket to make sure the cost of the items are insured for the value of purchase.

Our standard postage charge is £5.00. Once the postage price reaches this rate, it doesn't matter on the value of your purchase, your postal cost will not exceed £5.00. (Due to the rise in postage costs with oversized and heavy items, we will now have to charge extra to cover these costs, you will see these costs as you check out**) You may want to purchase a low postage rate item and a standard postage item, for this you will be charged standard postage on the total basket of £5.00**. Where postage is charged, we use the current postage cost using the weight of the item and the tariff of the company used to send the goods.

Goods up to £25.00 are sent by Royal Mail 1st Class (Large Letter or Small Parcel). Goods from £25.00 to £150.00 are sent either Royal Mail Recorded Delivery (Large Letter or Small Parcel) or Courier depending on the goods purchased. Items over £150.00 will only be sent by Courier.

** Exclusions - One or two items (such as Sundeala Boards and some sets) are oversized and will be sent via Courier at a increased postage charge, the postage rate will be shown before you pay.


If you would like to purchase though our website, please contact us first via email ( letting us know what you would like to purchase, and we can give you a shipping rate for the items your interested in, we can then send you instructions to finalise your order.

Doing it this way allows you to have the option to complete the order or cancel it, before payment is made, as shipping costs can vary quite a bit from Country to Country and due to size and weight.

Contacting us prior to ordering also allows us to let you know whether an item is in stock or not before taking payment. Payment for International orders is not automated for this reason.

We now only accept payments via the PayPal gateway, you can pay through your PayPal account or just as a guest using your Debit/Credit card without having an account.

Please DO NOT follow through with the basket and tick the box confirming you live in the UK as this PAYPAL payment will be refunded (minus the 20p that PAYPAL charges us for every refund that we do). Our website does not give you a postage and package price for International shipping, so you have to contact us to arrange this price.

We offer VAT removal on goods we export outside the UK.


Latest Additions

Setrack O Gauge Bull-head Powered Straight 393.7mm (ST-702) £13.49 Added to website on 08/06/2022 14:51:20
Peco Setrack O Gauge BH Track - Setrack O Gauge Bull-head Powered Straight 393.7mm (ST-702) RRP £15.00 our price £13.49

Setrack O Gauge Bull-head Starter Set (ST-701) £182.99 Added to website on 08/06/2022 14:46:59
Peco Setrack O Gauge BH Track - Setrack O Gauge Bull-head Starter Set (ST-701) RRP £215.00 our price £182.99

Wagon Tarpaulins SR (PS94) £8.49 Added to website on 11/09/2021 21:28:49
Parkside - Accessories - Wagon Tarpaulins SR (PS94) RRP £9.25 our price £8.49

Wagon Tarpaulins LNER (PS93) £8.49 Added to website on 11/09/2021 21:28:14
Parkside - Accessories - Wagon Tarpaulins LNER (PS93) RRP £9.25 our price £8.49

Wagon Tarpaulins LMS (PS92) £8.49 Added to website on 11/09/2021 21:26:28
Parkside - Accessories - Wagon Tarpaulins LMS (PS92) RRP £9.25 our price £8.49

Wagon Tarpaulins GWR (PS91) £8.49 Added to website on 11/09/2021 21:25:48
Parkside - Accessories - Wagon Tarpaulins GWR (PS91) RRP £9.25 our price £8.49

Wagon Tarpaulins BR (PS90) £8.49 Added to website on 11/09/2021 21:21:50
Parkside - Accessories - Wagon Tarpaulins BR (PS90) RRP £9.25 our price £8.49

LNER 10 Ton Fish Van (PS136) £0.00 Added to website on 11/09/2021 21:12:23
Parkside - Wagon Kits - LNER 10 Ton Fish Van (PS136)  £0.00

Station Fencing Picket Type (LK-740) £8.49 Added to website on 29/08/2021 20:41:58
Peco O Gauge Lineside Kits - Station Fencing Picket Type (LK-740) RRP £8.85 our price £8.49

Signal Box, Brick Base (LK-715) £38.49 Added to website on 29/08/2021 20:41:21
Peco O Gauge Lineside Kits - Signal Box, Brick Base (LK-715) RRP £45.15 our price £38.49

Grey Granite Ballast 500g (GM104) £5.25 Added to website on 18/06/2021 15:00:56
Gaugemaster Scenic Materials - Grey Granite Ballast 500g (GM104)  £5.25

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